Elana’s Visit

May I just say, I have some of the best friends in the world, especially Elana. She came all the way here, with only a week left until she has to leave for India, just to see little old me. Friday evening Claire (my amazing roommate), Hadley (Fashion Design friend), and I took the subway into Penn Station to meet Elana for dinner. One meal of sushi to-go and gluten free baby cakes later, we work our way back to Brooklyn.

The next day we head into the big city once again, only this time it is to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is an absolutely beautiful exhibit there called MANUS X MACHINA; Fashion in an Age of Technology. While one of my professors assigned the visit as extra credit, I really went to be able to see pieces I have been drooling over for months on tumblr. My wonderful friend Amelia was there who is simply phenomenal at photography and captured the exhibit beautifully. I hope to post those pictures soon, with her permission of course 🙂

As our day continued, I loved every moment. Elana is one of those people where you always have something to talk about and is unbelievably funny yet kind-hearted. I’m really going to miss this girl as she goes on her semester-long phone-free trip to India. Needless to say I am insanely proud to call that girl my friend.

Even though I miss home every day, this weekend was a wonderful reminder that I am so lucky to have all this support from my parents, family, and friends.

❤ The Urban Giraffe


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