Fairfax Fashion Academy

This blog is mainly aimed to illustrate my life and adventures in New York, but I also want to include some posts on how I got to where I am. One of the reasons I am able to pursue my dream career at my dream school in my dream city is because of Fairfax Fashion Academy. Every morning for two years I either drove or rode the bus to and from Fairfax High School while still keeping up all my other classes at Woodson High School. This was not the easiest thing to do, especially if during Junior year you are at least 20 minutes late to Calculus every time due to traveling. But, the experience of this class is worth any inconvenience.

Through Fairfax Fashion Academy, students learn about the fashion figure, fabrication, textile rendering, flat patterning, seams, zippers, customer profile, croquis books, draping, and more. The classwork is engaging and exciting, and the teacher is the absolute best.

Jin-A Chang is a one-of-a-kind teacher. She comes from the Fashion industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable to up-and–coming students like myself. She knows how the gears turn within the industry and she instils from the first day just how rigorous and on-top-of-things you need to be to make it. Her own work is beautiful and inspires her students to make leaps in their own work.

Even with all these other things, Mrs. Chang is also our mom. Already a mother of three, she also takes every student under her wings as her children. She cares about us so much  that it makes us want to work that much harder to impress her.

At the end of each school year, the class puts together a Fashion In Motion Runway Show. On the catwalk, each second-year designer showcases a highly individual collection that is developed, drawn, patterned, drafted, and sewn throughout the year, as well as a series of one-look couture pieces by the first-years. The students also work with the Pro-Photo Academy to produce a magazine of all the looks for the year.

Another huge part of the Fashion 2 curriculum is the adjudication. For our adjudication, Mrs. Chang gathered three judges who have experience in the field. The presentation included putting together a pamphlet that included illustrations with full rendering, flats, photos, descriptions, an inspiration page, customer profile, swatches, and personal bio. I plan on posting some pictures of my adjudication presentation in a later blog post. To check out my collections from the first and second year, head over to the My Current Work page to take a gander.

I will never be able to say enough about this phenomenal program and won’t hesitate in highly recommending this class to anyone interested.



  1. Thank you Hannah for supporting our Fashion Careers class at Fairfax Academy with your blog post! I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished at such a young age! I know there’s so much more you want to share with the world. Keep learning, practicing your craft and evolving as an artist! I believe in you Hannah!

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      • Valuable information for our community leaders who believe in our students and provide a wide range of opportunities. Best wishes in your chosen career. Janice Miller, Member – Fairfax City Council and former Chair of the Fairfax City School Board.

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