Pratt Cats

While our mascot at Pratt is technically a “canonneer”, all the students here know its really the Pratt Cats. There are roughly ten cats that live and are cared for on campus. The kitties are absolutely precious. I must warn, while they are used to people, they aren’t always up for cuddles.

Within my first month here, I have snapped some shots of these lovely little creatures. Here is Karen/Tuxedo! Yes, this little kitty, as well as many of the cats, has multiple names. Through the grapevine, and upperclassmen, my class has been learning already established names as well as coming up with a few of their own.

But, back to Karen/Tuxedo. This one is by far the most friendly of the cats. They are always up to be stroked and even a quick pick up at times. This is Finn, one of my friends, holding the adorable fur ball.



Next is this beautiful tan and white cat that loves to hang out in one of the upperclassmen townhouse gardens. As I walked by one day, I heard a gentle meowing coming from the vine-laden fencing and I was faced with this beautiful being pressing its forehead into the wire purring as I stroked his little face. This cat is also very kind and loving, but doesn’t come out of the garden as far as I’ve seen, so he isn’t the best cuddle buddy.


Next, meet Mustachio/Mustache! This little fella was the first cat I met during move in day. While the Pratt Cats aren’t technically allowed into the buildings, in the center for equity and inclusion, a lovely little study spot with couches and tables and chairs, a few kitties can be spotted sleeping after climbing through the window. His little white mustache is iconic and beloved. Always up for a stroke, this little sweet pea isn’t up for any prolonged attention and will probably ignore you as he allows you to dote on him for a second.


Much like the tan and white cat, I’m not sure of this striped beauty’s name. This kitty along with another grey kitty are known to be not as pleasant. Only very rarely is it smart to even approach them too closely. They will very clearly tell you if they are up to snuggles, which is usually a no shown through hissing, brandishing claws, and a sprint away.


Now this kitty is a sassy little being with no tail. Tail-less, as they are often called, is quite uppity when it comes to affection. Very rarely will they put up with people, but I like to attribute that to bitterness due to their lack of a tail.


This last little lady is by far my favorite. No, the kitty is not particularly cuddly or loving. In fact, they are one of the aforementioned grey kitties of evil. I like to call this one Chessie after the Cheshire Cat. Chessie was the very first cat I found inside a building and since it looked as though they walked through walls, Chessie earned their name. After sitting about a foot away from this little kitty for an hour, Chessie eventually warmed enough to me to cuddle up against my arm and sleep for another hour. Needless to say, this little moment made my whole week.


There are even a few more kitties I wasn’t able to take pictures of including another black and white kitty and a fully black one. The Pratt Cats may not be our official mascot but the student body loves all of them dearly.


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