Home Sweet Home

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to make it home to Virginia ❤

That same weekend was my cousin’s wedding. We were hoping to swing it so i could come, but it didnt quite work out. My mom sent me lots of pictures and it looked simply gorgeous. Autumn’s dress was to die for with beautiful lace and the whole Thomas/Elders/Lundstrom family looked lovely.

My Saturday morning started with a 5:00 AM wake up call. But, I easily sprung out of bed when I realized I would see my puppy. My little beagle Fred is just the cutest being in existence. Its insanely hard to be away from him so long. (Of course I miss my parents and sister and everyone else as well, but you cant text your dog)

Sadly, with my parents at the wedding, our reunion was postponed until Sunday. So, I decided to surprise the person who is pretty much my second mom, Queen (AKA Susan Norman when not going by her youth group name). She inspired me in ways I can’t really explain. Queen is one of the reasons I followed my dreams and am now at Pratt. Her art is so beautiful and often so adorable as well. Just look at these lovely little chicks!


Sunday was absolutely lovely with church, brunch, parents, and some amazing food. My mom and I made chicken cordon blue together, something we have down to a science at this point. My dad made us some homemade apple crumble pie.


Just look how delicious ❤ My dad is one of the best chefs I know, he even makes his own ice cream and sausage.

My Monday was mostly hanging out with my lovely mom. We got lunch and saw Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (would recommend 8/10) and chilled at home. I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for everyone and we had a nice relaxing night.

With everything packed up Tuesday morning to go back on the train, I ran into Academy real quick to see Mrs. Chang and all the fashion students. It was so nice to see everyone and I got to check in on my butterfly dress and my Olfactory wearable art.

On the train journey back to New York, I found it a bit difficult to be excited to go back. I love home so much and nothing can really compare, but nothing can compare to New York either. I was sitting on the train, heading back to what is slowly but surely becoming my second home, listening to musicals (mainly Rent and Hamilton), and crocheting. Just a year ago, that was my ultimate dream. Now I’m living it.


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