Dorm Living

Hello everyone!

As we approach the depths of fall, aka the beginning of coziness, I decided that my dorm needed a bit of a face lift and a deep cleaning. From the first day, I already adorned my wall in the web of photos of my loved ones and friends, each one hung with a little mini clothes pin. I found this easier than framing each photo and then finding how to hang those on the walls. Instead I strung up some embroidery thread and threw them up on the wall.

full dorm.jpeg

Also on my walls are two lovely little art pieces easily stuck on the cinderblock with a bit of painters tape (thanks mom for the suggestion). I found the watercolor in The Christmas Shop, my favorite store/gallery in Outer banks.  The graphic print of the bunny-man was done by my friend Olivia Newel who is an amazing artist currently in her freshman year at VCUarts. She is a huge inspiration to me so having this print that she gave me as a present hanging in the center of things helps me stay inspired.


While my desk might still look like a hot mess, it is organized chaos. I’m at art school. I have an Etsy business. And my dorm is tiny. Piles are a necessity and I’m just happy that they are piles on the shelf and not on the floor. Some little things about my desk that I love are my little mushroom jewelry containers I made, the glittery pumpkin and candle my mom sent, my jars and watering can organizers, the giant mountain of yarn, and my baby plant names Benjamin.

Benjamin also has a brother named Wilbert who is a snake plant that lives by the window on my dresser. They add life and oxygen into the room. I bought Wilbert at a corner store in Williamsburg and I repotted him in a terracotta pot. My mom surprised me with Benjamin when she came for parents weekend. My roommate Claire has a matching one on her desk named Daisy. Wilbert, Benjamin and Daisy ❤




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