Seven Scarf Tying Styles

Style One: Single Loop

This style is a classic and with the extra-long scarf, the length of the tails elongate the body. The single loop sits well with thin jackets since it’s not too bulky.

Style Two: Double Loop

This variation on style one shortens the tails and allows for more warmth around the neck. It goes well with heavier winter coats.

Style Three: Tuck Through

This style allows for the same length as a single loop but provides a bit more warmth. There is a common connotation of masculinity with this scarf tying style.

Style Four: Faux Infinity

By tightly tying the ends of the scarf together and placing the knot at the back of the neck under the other loop, any long scarf can become a trendy infinity scarf.

Style Five: Double Loop Pull Through

This look is trendy and extremely warm, perfect for hitting the cold city streets.

Here’s a quick how to:

Wrap around your neck loosely twice. Take each end and pull through both loops. Easy as that!

Style Six: Cowl Knot

This one is my absolute go-to for hitting the streets in the winter time. This look holds up through wind and snow and is really warm under a winter coat! To do this one, you pretty much do look 3 but pull through one tail over and then under and the other under and then over.

Style Seven: The Wreath (or “The Jellyfish” as Finn called it)

This one isn’t as warm as some of the others but I adore how it looks. By winding the tails around a single loop, you get this super textured look that would be great over a simple dress.

Want to get this exact handmade scarf? Head over to my Etsy!

Special thank you to my friend Finn for taking these awesome pictures!



  1. Your time and passion has been intertwined in each piece you make. Couldn’t be more grateful for the bibs you made for our family’s new addition, Althea. They’re positively lovely. And authentic. Thank you for thinking of us, cousin. See you in OBX, we hope!!! Xo


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